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Tidewater Players Auditions Announcement for AVENUE Q

Music and Lyrics by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx
Book by Jeff Whitty

Directed by Todd Starkey
Musical Director: Stephanie Carlock
Choreographer: Larry Hensley

February 9 from 11am – 2pm ~ February 11 from 7pm – 9pm


Needed are 6-8 Men (age range 21-40) and 6-8 Women (age range 21-70)

Those auditioning should bring a prepared up-tempo song. Prepare to sing 16 bars that highlight your voice. Some will also be asked to sing a song from the show and read from the script.

Performances to be held May 3-19, 2013



PRINCETON: (tenor; age range 23-28) A fresh-faced puppet kid just out of college who moves to Avenue Q in search of his purpose in life

BRIAN: (baritone: age 30-38) A human resident of Avenue Q, a laid-back, down on his luck Jewish 32-year-old who has trouble keeping steady employment and dreams of being a stand-up comedian. He is engaged to Christmas Eve.

ROD: (tenor; age 25-35) A parody of Bert on Sesame Street, this puppet is a Republican investment banker who is secretly gay.

NICKY: (tenor; age 25-35) A parody of Ernie, Rod’s happy-go-lucky slacker roommate who argues a lot with Rod but only wants him to be happy.

TREKKIE MONSTER: (baritone; age 25-38) A reclusive puppet creature obsessed by Internet social sites. Has a voice much like Cookie Monster.


KATE MONSTER: (soprano; age 22-30) A lovelorn kindergarten teaching assistant who wishes to create a school for monsters. A sweet puppet who falls for Princeton.

CHRISTMAS EVE: (mezzo; age 30-38) A human Japanese immigrant and Brian’s fiancée. She is a therapist who has no clients and is hampered by a very thick accent.

GARY COLEMAN: (alto; age 30-40) the former star of Diff’rent Strokes, now the building superintendent of Avenue Q; a non-puppet character. Belt voice or alto.

LUCY: (alto; age 21-30) A vixenish vamp, a nightclub singer with a dangerous edge who causes complications in Princeton’s romance with Kate. Alto belter.

Auditions to be held at the theatre, Tidewater Players, 121 N. Union Ave. 2nd Floor Havre de Grace, MD

More questions? Please email us at info@tidewaterplayers.com

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